Stanley has long been a keen anagrammatist, a hobby developed by the need to undertake long rail journeys for the day-job where reading and writing are in cramped conditions.

In 1987, his entry to Private Eye was published, netting a £5 prize. (Norman Tebbit = Tom Bentbrain). This makes him a professional.

Stanley likes to anagrammise his playing venues and those he meets – to spooky effect – as well as aiming at obvious targets.

He is a protagonist of the “verbal anagram”, i.e. if spoken it is not easily checked for total accuracy.
To give you some idea of the Stanley anagram genius at work here are Stanley's Top 20 to be going on see the rest visit Anagram Genius and Stan's Anagrams

Weapons of mass destruction                  :    US team swoops – finds no trace

Money is the root of all evil                       :    hey, loan it for me. I love lots

Draught Guinness                                     :    Hard guts ensuing

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station             :    As new. Pollution terror by chance

Sellafield                                                   :     Defiles all

Warrington                                                :     Wrong train

Michael Heseltine                                     :      he can lie – the slime

National Travel                                         :      It ran late – no lav

Castle Donington Airport                          :      Cor, stop landing near to it

Lloyds Bank                                              :      Donky balls

Camelot, The National Lottery                  :      Total rat conmen, they lie a lot

How The West Was Won                         :       What we shot we owns

King Arthur and the Knights of the           :       Ohh no. Fit Dark Age thugs drink,

Round Table                                              :      battle, then run

The Archbishop of Canterbury,                :      Faction warns Church – Mr Whispy

Doctor Rowan Williams                           :      beard too, too liberal

The Glastonbury Festival                         :      Gnats rave by flush toilet

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer           :      Rude herd sneered, top loner hid

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel                 :       A fast plonker and a glum ruin

The Siege of Troy                                    :      Horse gift to eye

Stanley Accrington                                   :      Acrylic gannet snot