• Since 1981, Stanley has produced 13 cassettes and 5 CD's
  • In March 2006, Stanley released his latest CD "Promotion/Relegation", a collection of more serious songs than usualproduced at Cock Robin Studios.
  • Some of the cassettes are now out of stock, or virtually so.
  • Cassettes cost £4, and CD's £10, only available from Stanley himself (see Contact page)
  • Some copies of an early lyric book "The Stanley Accrington Album 1962" and "The Stanley Accrington Album 1963" arestill available for a nominal price.
  • Alas, no more moving pottery models of Stanley (The famous Nodding Stanleys) remain. If you own one of these, keepit safe for the Antiques Roadshow in 2165.
  • Stanley's tracks have also appeared on other recordings:-
  1. GMR Children in Need (Cassette) 1989 Hello, Little Stranger
  2. Trains of Thought (CD) 2004 Special Trains
  3. The song "Last Train" has been recorded by Dave Goulder ("The man who put the Engine in the Fish Shop" LP 1987) , by Strawhead ("Argent" CD 1999) and Chris Harvey & Mark Dowding on 'The Old Potts Railway' album, and has been performed and recorded by several other artists.
  4. Tracks "Dolls House" and "PLU" were written for and recorded by Marilyn Middleton Pollock "Dolls House" casette 1993)
If you hear and like a particular song by Stanley and would like to know which album it is on, an Album List and Song List compiled in 2006 are available here:


1981 Sick as a Parrot

1983 Over the Ball

1983 Offside Trap

1984 Cynical Foul

1985 Game of Two Halves

1986 Yellow Card

1988 Just Another Game

1989 Home Banker

1990 90 Minutes (Live)

1990 Forfar4Fife5

1990 Slow Action Replay

1993 On a Hat trick

1995 Going for the Double

1998 Through the Turnstile


2001 Semi Final Replay

2001 Semi Final Second Leg

2003 Ground: Zero

2003 Verses Whitby..Verses Fleetwood

2006 Promotion/Relegation

2010 Into Administration

Want to hear some Stanley in hi-ish fi ?

'Last Train' from 'Verses Whitby etc'

'Battle of Maldon' from'Semi Final Replay'

'Seven TV Nights' from 'Ground Zero'

'Three Wise Women' from 'Ground Zero'